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Duns Town Trail
Berwickshire High School

Berwickshire High School

Berwickshire High School (22). Just past the South Lodge is the Berwickshire High School. J & F Johnston designed the main block in 1938 and they were also responsible for later additions. Although designed in the late 1930s, the school did not open until 1958. This was due to the shortage of materials both during and immediately after World War Two. This long low building has a large number of windows, which means that the classrooms are bright. The design is typical of the late 1930s.

Return towards the town now and follow the road straight ahead. This is Langtongate which as the name implies, leads towards Langton. The street is one of the oldest in the town, although the buildings have changed over the centuries. On the right is the Volunteer Hall and there was once a well on the boundary with the street. 100 metres from the junction, on the left and set back from the road on a slight rise is a pair of semi-detached villas. Dating from the mid 19th century, the front walls are of ashlar with the side walls being harled. As you can see, the windowpanes are wider than they are tall. This type of window is called a lying pane window.

Next door is number 14 Langtongate. This is a late 18th century building and you should note the scroll skewputs and tin fire insurance plate between the first floor windows, which signified that the owner had paid their dues to the Caledonian Insurance Company. Opposite the junction of Willis Wynd is Number 47 South Street. This building was erected in 1714 and was formerly one of the town's breweries.

Turn right up Willis Wynd, which links Langtongate with Newtown Street. To the rear of the buildings of Newtown Street on the right you can see the way in which each house had a long but narrow strip of land - called a tenement - behind it. Turn right along Newtown Street.

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