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Duns Town Trail
Former Dunlop Hotel

Former Dunlop Hotel (6). The building opposite you is the former Dunlop Trust Hotel. The Dunlop Trust built this in the late 19th century as a temperance hotel. John Dunlop died in 1868 and had fought all his life against alcoholic drink had set up the trust. One of his ideas was the Scottish Band of Hope, which tried to educate children against the 'evil of drink'. The elevation that faces Market Square has the words DUNLOP TRUST carved on a stone in the centre at eaves level. The two storey buildings immediately on your left (1-7 South Street) date from the early 19th century but doubtless contain much older fabric. The ground floor is pleasing with its rustication. As you head along South Street, which is mainly two storey in height, you leave the hustle and bustle of Market Square behind you.

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