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 Archery Duns, Scottish Borders

Archery Duns

Regular meeting at Volunteer Hall, Duns, Thursdays 7pm-9pm other activities as as per below & schedule as per Calendar page on website: Archery Duns

An archery facility & club, shooting in & around Duns.

The main aims are to allow people to shoot all kinds of bows in different ways.

Bows types permitted: (English) longbow, (American) Flatbow, Horsebow, Recurve bow.
Bow types excluded: compound, crossbow.

Current activities include:

- indoor targets (to 20yd).
- outdoor:
- targets (to 100yd),
- clout (180yd gents,140yd ladies),
- roving mark (limited),
- field - 25 x 2d & 3d animal targets in woodland setting

Archery Duns, Scotland

Duns Scotland, Scottish Borders UK