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Duns Clubs & Organisations
Local clubs from Duns, Scottish Borders

Bu Bujin Karate Association

Bu Bujin History

Chief Instructor Stephen Crees is a former British All Styles Karate Champion and recently retired from international competition after competing for his country in two World & Three European all styles Karate Championships.

The association was formed locally in 1983 for the benefit of the local community, continuing to develop karate in the area and give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience a genuine martial art. We teach an internationally practiced Japanese Karate system called Wado-ryu meaning way of peace and the symbol is dove. The style relies on speed, timing, agility, evasion and sophisticated body movements. Wados wide range of disciplines appeal to all people from different backgrounds and athletic ability.

Who will teach me?

Fully qualified and experienced black belt instructors with between 15 and 26 years individual karate experience will take all classes. All instructors are local and uniquely developed from within the club and all are enhanced disclosure PCR checked, first aid certified, have professional indemnity insurance and Sports coach UK Sport Scotland certified, hold a current SKGB coaching licence and are registered with the Governing Body for Karate in Great Britain.

Self Defence

At Bu Bujin we have an excellent self-defence programme practised under safe guidelines combining explosive karate technique with holds, throws, arm locks, immobilising and escaping techniques that will work for all people in real situations.

Competition Sport Karate

Tournament Karate has developed into the most exciting, explosive and biggest participated martial arts derived sports in the world. Almost every nation in the world were represented at the last world championships.

Bu Bujin can boast several competition successes and have former current Great Britain internationals as instructors.

(Free lesson for all beginners)

Duns Club Tuesday 6.30 pm Berwickshire High School Duns

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Date: 17/02/2006

Duns Scotland, Scottish Borders UK