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Greenlaw Town Hall Greenlaw Maid Festival and the Restoration Programme, Scottish Borders
Greenlaw Town Hall

Greenlaw Maid Festival and the Restoration Programme

BBC filming Greenlaw Maid Festival.

This year’s Greenlaw Fayre Day promises to be one of the most exciting events in recent times, with the news that the BBC are coming to film the revival of the Greenlaw Maid Festival.

But why so much interest in Greenlaw? Well, ever since Endemol, the television production company which produces the “Restoration” series for the BBC, took an active interest in the Greenlaw Town Hall, there has been a growing level of anticipation and excitement in the village. With the recent announcement that Endemol have selected the class A-listed building to appear in the forthcoming series of “Restoration”, this will surely herald the start of a new era for the once proud hall. Its selection is actually a remarkable achievement, since only three buildings in Scotland have been chosen to appear in the series.

On the back of that announcement, the BBC has decided to film a fayre day in Greenlaw, on the weekend after the hall appears in the Restoration programme. This date is not yet fixed, but will be on one of four consecutive weekends, starting from the last weekend in July. The actual date will be set by the BBC, and will not be known for at least another five weeks!

A group of local volunteers, including members from the Greenlaw Town Hall Trustees and the Friends of Greenlaw, are beavering away behind the scenes, pulling together various elements which will produce a day to remember.
One of the most important elements will surely be the revival of the Greenlaw Maid. This popular figure will once again help to raise the spirits of the people of Greenlaw, as she brings to the people a sense of togetherness and harmony.

As a celebration of its historic pride, the day will have a dress theme of clothes worn throughout the 1800’s, so look out those shawls and long dresses, ladies, and those flat caps, white shirts and braces, gents.

Certainly, it promises to be a day to remember!

Greenlaw Maid Festival and the Restoration Programme, Scotland

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