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Duns and its Churches
The Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church

Our Lady & St Margaret's Church lies just inside the Burgh boundary on the Berwick road. Opened in 1883, the church is a very plain building, and is, in fact, what was meant to be a part of a much grander structure. This larger structure never came about, so what is there today is what was planned to be the nave of the new building.

Inside, there is a beautiful rose window with a most impressive reredos below, which was at one time a marble fireplace in Langton House. This was rescued when the house was demolished in 1925, and re-erected in the church, with the addition of the crucifix.

There is a memorial to those members of the church family who gave their lives for others during the two world wars. During the Second World War, Polish soldiers, far from home, found solace and comfort there.

Mass Times
Saturday Vigil Mass - 6.00 pm
Sunday Mass - 9.00 am

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