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Craiks of Crumstane and Grueldykes

Country: Canada
Comments: My great-great grandfather left Duns,Scotland in 1831. His name was Robert Craik. Some old family records show that he lived at Crumstane and Grueldykes. Are these last two places the names of actual villages, or would they be private estates? He was hired by a wealthy land owner to build a home in Upper Canada [now known as Ontario]. On completion of the project he was given a plot of land.We have now been in Canada for six generations.We have good records of our family in Canada but we know almost nothing about our connections in Scotland.Are there any records in your file that may make other interesting connections?
Don Craik
e-mail: doncraik@telus.net

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Date: 11/12/2007

Duns Scotland, Scottish Borders UK