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Our Lady Immaculate and St. Margaret ,Duns

Country: Scotland
Today 8th. November. Celebration of John Duns Scotus in the Catholic Church. The Website of Duns Border Net is very attractive. We direct our visitors to Duns for the great interest of John Duns Scotus.
I note, "The Duns Bordernet Website has a Link for Duns and its Churches. As with many country areas, Duns has had its full range of churches". Curiously there is no reference to the Catholic Church, Our Lady Immaculate and St. Margaret.
In that Church there is a stained glass window illustrating the contribution of Scotlands greatest medieval Theologian, Duns Scotus, in the maxim Decuit Potuit Fecit in his teaching on Our Lady Immaculate.
Also missing from the Website is a photo of the outside Bronze commemorating his centenary.
I had pictures of these but I will have to return to Duns and take them again to adorn our Blogspot.
All these things add to to the rich tapestry of the history of Duns.
Kind regards
Donald McGlynn
Email: domdonald@yahoo.co.uk;

(The info on the Church can be found at:
Duns Catholic Church
Site editor for Bordernet)

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Date: 09/11/2007

Duns Scotland, Scottish Borders UK