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Duns Scotus and Cologne

country: Germany

Hello all interested friends from Dun, sorry my bad Scot language, but I write from Germany.
Duns is a very interesting place example the great man Johannes Scotus,named John Scotus or Duns Scotus. (ca.1266 - 1308 )
Many people knows that this man, was a great Theologe in the middle age, teaching in Paris and the town Cologne (Köln).
Grounded the Scotismus and teaching by franziskaner.

But all know who is his grave ?

The grave from Duns Scotis is insite the Minuriten Church in the City of Cologne (Köln)
He sleps in a very fine Sakropharg with flowers and Candels.
His death day/Cologne was the 8.Nov.1308.
Also on the Cathedral in Cologne is a little picture from him outside on the South front Bishops door.

So it is one example that since the early midle age, it is a friedship between Cologne and Scotland.

If any body intereseting some information, you can write me.

Friendly greatings,
Axel von Scotti

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Date: 26/09/2006

Duns Scotland, Scottish Borders UK